Sami aur Sarah ki Saltanat e Dil


18th December 2014

1st Episode of new drama serial “Saltanat e Dil” is going to be aired today on Geo Entertainment.

The very handsome Sami Khan and extremely beautiful Sarah Khan couple looks fabulous. After Bashar Momin this would be another hit serial by director Syed Ali Raza (Usama).

Story narrates the romance of Wajdaan Shah (Sami Khan) and Anushey (Sarah Khan) which mother of Wajdaan (Asma Abbas) dislikes. Rania (Aleezay Rasul) plays third side of this triangle.

Cast also include talented Yasir Mazher, veteran Mazher Ali and Fazeela Qazi.

Tune into Geo every Thursday 8pm to see how this interesting story unfolds.


See Promo and OST

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