500,000 Euros dinner for Hurrem Sultan


December 12, 2014

Famous Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli, better known as Hurrem Sultan of popular TV series “Mera Sultan” has received an invitation to attend special dinner event in Middle East, offering her 500,000 Euros.

She returned to Turkey from Germany after signing a contract for a new TV series with MBC, the biggest Arab world TV channel.

According to leading Turkish newspaper Meryem responding to dinner invitation said, “I don’t usually accept such invitations, but if you donate the money to three Turkish associations working for needy children, I will come”. The host, oil-rich family responded, “Then we will pay more money”. She is expected to attend this dinner in coming days.

Meryem’s new TV series will be a modern love story with Istanbul in the background. The shooting is expected to start at the end of February 2015 and it will be aired on MBC Channel at the end of March.

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